Sober Odessa walked barefoot on the roof and frozen


Photo: Police in Odessa region

A resident of Odessa decided to walk on the roof, barefoot and stuck to it. About it reports “Interfax”.

To the place of profit employees of the patrol police, they received information about a man who long time is on the roof of a private house in Suvorov district of Odessa.

It turned out that Odessa was walking on a metal roof, froze and tried to shout neighbors. After the rescue he didn’t explain how I ended up on the roof and why did you decide to walk on it barefoot.

The police said that the man was sober. He was given first aid and transferred to doctors.

In Scotland in February, police responded to a call of a man who found in his barn toy tiger and was scared. The Scot was not drunk, said the police.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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