The ancient Europeans were dark-skinned


Photo: Fenners1984 / Flickr

Scientists at the natural history Museum and University College London analyzed DNA Cedarcode of a man who lived about 10 thousand years ago the territory of modern England. It turned out that the man was dark-skinned. About it reported in a press release on the website

People from Cedar was discovered in Gough’s cave in 1903 in Somerset County. His remains date back to the 7150 BC and are the oldest found in Britain fully intact skeleton. Scientists believe that his death was violent.

The initial reconstruction of the shape was assumed that the man was a typical Caucasian with brown eyes. Now scientists drilled a hole in the skull to sample bones and DNA, which are well preserved in cool and dry conditions of the cave.

It turned out that Chedeski man was dark-skinned and had blue eyes that indicates that white skin was characteristic of the later Europeans.

It is assumed that the population of people which included male, migrated to Britain at the end of the last (Valdai) glaciation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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