The feelings of atheists of Kazakhstan will equate to the feelings of believers


Photo: Shamil Zhumatov / Reuters

Kazakhstan MPs supported the idea to introduce in the administrative code article for insulting the feelings of atheists, says “Azattyk”. The initiator of amendments in the current legislation by the Ministry for religious Affairs of Kazakhstan.

In criminal and administrative codes of the Republic already has an article for “insulting religious feelings”, but they are not mentioned atheists. Now for “insulting the feelings and dignity of believers or of unbelievers ‘attitude to religion” proposed to be punished with a heavy fine: more than 120 thousand tenge (372 USD) for ordinary citizens and 481 thousand tenge ($1,500) for legal entities.

According to Vice Minister of religious Affairs and civil society Berik Aryn, the feelings of believers and non-believers invited to call, because in this case “is about the feelings and dignity of people in General, regardless of religion”.

“This is personal rights and freedoms of citizens — to believe or not to believe — and no one can insult or humiliate on this issue”, — said the Deputy Minister, adding that now the country even atheists were afraid to speak on the topic of religion.

In early February, several schools in Kazakhstan through the court forbade the Schoolgirls to attend classes with headscarves, reported the TV channel “Astana”. According to the court, such a ban is lawful, since the law “On education” of the country, the headscarf is not included in the set of school uniform. For sending girls to school in a headscarf parents can expect a fine.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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