The Germans warned of the deadly Masturbation


Photo: Eric Gaillard / Reuters

Every year in Germany tens of people die due to risky practices Masturbation. About it reports on Wednesday, February 7, edition of Focus.

According to doctors, every year per million people in the country have one or two cases where this process has led to a lethal outcome. However, doctors indicate that this number actually should be more because of the unreported cases: the victim’s relatives are often ashamed of what happened.

Such death is called autoerotic. Its most common cause is artificially induced hypoxia — lack of oxygen — in the end people die just neostorozhnosti.

Germany’s population in 2016 has made more than 82 million people. Thus, due to careless Masturbation could die about 40 people.

In October 2017, American scientists have found the causes of male and female Masturbation. According to the experts, self-satisfaction is due to an insufficient amount of sex, men and women desire to get additional pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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