The illusion of a non-parallel parallel streets confused network users


Photo: Reddit

Visitors entertainment portal Reddit stumped an optical illusion that occurs when viewing two similar photos of the street located next to each other. Users are assured that the roads in the picture are not parallel, and the pictures are different, although in reality it is not.

Photo appeared on Reddit on 5 February and quickly attracted the attention of visitors online. “It’s the same photo, side by side. The street is located not at different angles. Both sides are the same, pixel to pixel” — says the author of the publication.

However, users wondered why, despite knowing the correct answer, they stubbornly continue to see different pictures. Almost everybody seems to think that street on the right side is tilted at a greater angle than the left.

“This is superweird. I can say that it is one and the same picture, but that makes my brain not want to believe it. I wonder what exactly causes this effect?”asks Saberfox11 in the comments under the photos.

To share the surprise in the comments under the entry descended hundreds of users. Some of them found an explanation for the effect. “This is because the two streets merged at the bottom of the pictures. Your brain tries to perceive it as one image with fork in the road and so the street on the left must be from a different angle than the image on the right,” writes the All-Cal.

Realizing what a fraud, users have found a way to properly look at the images to eliminate the distortion.

“For my experiment, I half-closed the bottom of the picture to the headlight of the white car, and they began to look the same. Then I slowly began to open the bottom and when it come to the point where the sidewalk ends, again he saw that the road at an angle. It is so memorable my brain that I once again began to close pictures and had to climb higher to see them the same,” explained NinthFinger.

Earlier, Japanese psychologist Kohki Takahashi revealed the essence of popular optical illusions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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