The Koreans tried to hide the passion for the dogs and failed


Photo: Ben Weller /

South Korea had planned to close the markets of dog meat during the Olympics, but did not. This was reported by the newspaper the Daily Mail.

According to the newspaper, dog meat can be found within just 100 kilometers away from Pyeongchang in the Moran market in seongnam-si. It is the country’s largest open-air market on trade in dog meat. Local authorities promised to shut it down for the Olympics.

For the year sold and clogged about 80 thousand dogs. Meat is the main ingredient in the soup, which, as I believe in local, increases sexual desire. The authorities did not approve of the trade in dogs, however, do not forbid it because of high demand. The publication claims that a third of Koreans at least once in your life try dog-meat.

Journalists emphasize that instead of closing the market, the authorities decided to make it more noticeable and put out the signs forbidding photography. For compliance with the rules following the market traders and the guards, most of which refused to talk to the press.

According to the publication, the market continues to hammer the dogs, despite the fact that in December of 2016 it was officially banned. By may 2017 cages and dog massacre should have been completely removed. Pictures of the journalists argue that it was not done.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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