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Photo: Ekaterina Lipatova / “Kommersant»

Non-profit organization “Roskontrol” conducted a review of dark chocolate, which is sold in Russia. Copies of research are available “» The sample includes seven popular brands: “Babaevsky” (“Suite”), “Inspiration”, Alpen Gоld, “Factory named after N. K. Krupskaya” (“Special”), “Russia is a generous soul” (“Russian”), Dove and “Slad&Ko”.

All samples of chocolate were compliance with state standards, irregularities in the chocolate was not detected. However, the taste quality of the tiles varied. Following the examination and analysis of professional tasters the most delicious was named the chocolate “Inspiration”, which scored 14.3 points out of 15. In second place, “Factory named after N. K. Krupskaya” (13.3 points), the third — “Babaevsky” (12,9). The chocolate brand “Russia is a generous soul” scored 11.8 points, Alpen Gоld 11.4 points, Dove — 10 points, closes the rating of the tile “Slad&Co”, who scored 9.8 points.

“Certain laboratory mass fraction of total dry and dry fat-free residue of cocoa in the sample “Slad&Ko” is relatively high, respectively: 55.1 per cent and 21.4 per cent. Therefore, on formal grounds, these samples meet the standard and may be called chocolate. However, given the results of the tasting, natural and (or) quality of the used components is in doubt,” — said a leading expert “Roskontrol” Svetlana Dmitrieva.

Despite the fact that “Inspiration” was the most tasty brand, the experts questioned the fact that the tiles of “Inspiration” can be considered for the chocolate. “The results of the tasting, he does not hold to the set standard minimum value of the mass fraction of dry fat-free residue of cocoa. Thus the fatty acid composition of the fat of “Inspiration” corresponds to the cocoa butter”, the study says.

The study experts “Roskontrol” recommended to buy brands of chocolate “Babaevskiy”, Alpen Gоld and “Factory named after Krupskaya”. The other brands received comments from experts in composition or taste.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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