The shadow economy in Russia has reached the level of the African countries


Photo: Kristina Kormilitsyna / “Kommersant»

The share of the shadow economy in Russia amounts to 33.7 percent of GDP. About this newspaper “Kommersant”, citing a study by the International monetary Fund (IMF) that assesses the size of the informal sector in 158 countries in 2010-2017 years.

In Russia the share of the shadow economy is on average level for the European countries this level is extremely high. A similar situation is observed in relatively developed countries of Africa and Pakistan. In the EU a similar level of “shadows” have only Romania and Bulgaria.

In the US, the Netherlands, Japan, Switzerland and Singapore the figure is in the range of 7-15 percent of GDP.

Ultra-low level of “shadow” in the United States and the EU reflects the high level of regulatory burden on business, said the IMF.

The conclusions of the IMF experts did not confirm the trend in the reduction of the Russian “shadow” after 2014, although this occurred after the crisis of 1998 and 2008. “Russia’s relevance is very high — estimates the “shadow” in Russia in different definitions and different methodologies have significant variation, ranging from 23 to 40 percent of GDP, usually in Russia it is difficult to consider the scale of the shadow employment and the problem of “double counting” in the tax evasion”, — writes the edition.

It is extremely difficult to assess the scale of the Russian tax evasion and “shadow” associated with the corruption and crime sector, experts say. “To some extent this resembles the situation in Italy in the 1990-2000-ies, as historical practice shows, struggle with this type of “shadow” that supported the traditional structures of the economy, costs to the economy and the political sphere is very expensive,” the newspaper said.

According Ranepa, about 45 percent of the working population of Russia (33 million people) to different degrees involved in the shadow economy.

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