Tyumen pensioner drilled by the drill and brought back to life


Photo: press service of the ambulance station

Paramedics from Tyumen saved 76-year-old patient with the help of a drill. This was reported by the portal URA.RU.

The granddaughter of a woman called doctors after complaints of the grandmother of a sharp pain in his chest. The brigade arrived on the scene 13 minutes after the call and using the electrocardiogram showed the patient arrhythmia, threatening her life. A pensioner sharply dropped blood pressure and developed cardiogenic shock, so the doctors were unable to introduce the medicine through a vein.

Then the doctors decided to introduce medication through a catheter directly into the bone, drilling a hole in it using a drill. Then they restored the correct rhythm with a defibrillator, and then took a patient to the hospital. In an interview with the publication the doctor called the woman’s condition is stable and said that she was transferred to a General ward.

Press Secretary of the ambulance Irina berdyugina stressed that the drill and needle to inject medication through the bone every ambulance. According to her, last year, a drill bit that saved the life of nine patients.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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