APU fighters refused to shake hands with the words “Glory to Ukraine»


Photo: Gleb Garanich / REUTERS

A significant part of the Ukrainian military hostility by the government’s plans to change military salute, prescribing to greet and say goodbye slogans “Glory to Ukraine! — Glory to the heroes!”. About it writes the edition Stranaya staged a straw poll among the soldiers of the APU.

In particular, it is the opinion of the serviceman Yuri V. in the zone of the ATO (as in Kiev called military operation in the Donbass). “In the rear obviously think that the front will shout “Glory to Ukraine — glory to Heroes” — we will fight better. The beret change, we welcome. Better will the improving the supply, training the army — not only on paper but in reality, thieves from headquarters to jail”.

“We are not in UPA, we have the Ukrainian army. My grandfather doesn’t understand me he is alive and very even for Ukraine, but without nationalism. The army must be away from politics and welcome politics carries a mile,” says the Sergeant Vladimir.

Captain, tactical intelligence Yaroslav K. believes that the replacement of the greeting are logical, “but experiences are not. In our Armed forces not all heroes. Seen not just in 2014, as whole companies of ticking from the front end. Will be funny when the logistical and staff each other will greet you with “glory to Heroes””.

However, the proposed replacement has supporters. So, contractor Alexander D. claims that this form has long been used as an informal greeting on the front.

“Glory To Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!”the greeting and slogan of Ukrainian nationalists, which was used during the Second world war. Again became popular during the Euromaidan protests of 2014 in Ukraine.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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