Became known the details of the arrest of “three-strikes lifer”-dismantler


Photo: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

The district Komsomolskiy village of Tomsk region Vasily Gubaev told about how 27 years ago was arrested the killer of Anwar Masalimova trying to escape after committing the murder. Interview with the police has published “the Fifth channel”.

“We detained him on the street Railway. You know, he was, but was going at this time to leave. But I quickly took him down. And the caused. The operational group of the under the handle and on the bus. Taken to Pervomayka, in the police Department. The reason for the fight — they had a falling out over some pictures. Grandfather tore the picture, and he was offended and hit him. As he showed. Hit my grandfather fell and was killed, and he his axe ripped. Severed, the packet laid in the toilet and hid,” said Gubarev.

According to the district, Masalimova in the village where the murder occurred, friends and family were. He was silent and withdrawn. “He lived in mitike (prefabricated panel house — primas’. «»), and with him lived this grandfather. Masalimov himself a native of Tatarstan is Tatar by nationality. He was our porter in Paris (OTDEL rabochego snabzheniya — primas’. «»)”, — said the police.

Anwar Masalimov was sentenced to death, but later pardoned by President Boris Yeltsin, and exceptional sentence on him was commuted to life imprisonment. He subsequently sought a retrial, which allowed him in 2016 to be released; one paper — on parole, on the other — in connection with the review of the sentence. Presumably, now ex-con is located in Moscow.

The story of a murderer-dismantler published on the eve observer “MK”, a member of the Moscow Public oversight Commission eve Markachev.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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