Cupcakes on a body of half naked girls was illegal


Photo: @69mib

In the UK has banned advertising tea cupcakes because of the presence of signs of sexism. As the newspaper writes Mirror, the confection was depicted in the Nude female thigh.

The poster with the slogan “where do you store yours?”the girl lifts her dress, showing that she put the dessert to the elastic band of underwear. The experts on the standardization of advertising (ASA) stated that the content of advertising is degrading some consumers. In their opinion, advertising objectifies women and is therefore sexist.

The second slogan “Give pleasure” was also embarrassed by the experts: they found it ambiguous. Mixed feelings can trigger consumers not to buy sweets, and to the perception of the female body as an object of trade.

According to representatives of the manufacturer, it is special designed for the charity tennis match in Glasgow and aimed at a specific audience of sports fans. According to them, the idea is to place the round cakes on the place where athletes usually hold tennis balls during a match, was creative and witty. In his speech, they noted that he did not want to offend anyone.

The experts were of a different opinion: they called is irresponsible and “damaging”. After the first examination, the posters were banned and removed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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