Discovered the largest leak in the history of the iPhone


Photo: David Gray / Reuters

Anonymous posted on GitHub the source code of loader iBoot, which is responsible for the boot process of the iOS. The author of a series of books about the operating systems Apple Mac OS X and iOS Jonathan Levine (Jonathan Levin) told Motherboard that this is the biggest leak in Apple history.

The code applies to iOS 9.3, but in spite of this, most of it used in the latest version of the system. Due to the lack of some files, this code will fail to compile, but it does not prevent to study the source code to find security vulnerabilities. Probably this leak will also allow to emulate iOS on other devices.

Source code iBoot — privileged information, Apple puts these files in open access. The bootloader is responsible for verifying the kernel and verifies the signatures of the Apple needed to operate the device.

Levin noted that with high probability the code is genuine, and hackers actually published the source code of the bootloader iPhone. Also it was confirmed by a source close to iOS developers. Apple did not respond to a request Motherboard.

For the average user this drain means the imminent appearance of the untethered Jailbreak (operation, giving access to file system devices) to the latest versions of the system — that is, after a reboot or switch the device off, the user will not have to re-hack the smartphone. Despite the fact that the files have already been removed from GitHub, they quickly went viral and is still available for download.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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