Elena Letuchaya told about the reasons for the passing of “Revizorro»


Elena LEUCATE: Eugene Novozenina / RIA Novosti

TV presenter Elena Letuchaya said that the cause of the break her contract with the TV channel “Friday!”steel “leaks” information about audits. About that Fugitive mentioned in an interview with “TV”.

According to her, the problems began when shooting Moscow season of the show “Revizorro”. Flying repeatedly personally learned that the institution was informed about her upcoming visit. “Absolutely could not control. So I have doubts about the veracity of how this team will work,” added Volatiles.

The dishonest directing Fugitive mentioned in the answer to the question of journalists about the possible success of the new leading TV show Nastasya Samburski, who came to the project in November 2017. Volatile noticed that the work in the show requires a huge expenditure of time and effort from the master, and wished the new team good luck.

Among the reasons for leaving the TV channel “Friday!”Flying also mentioned the lack of prospects: “I did not give the new project and for six months prior to withdrawal from the channel I received only threats if I refused to appear in promotional commercials for other programs.”

Flying left the TV channel “Friday!”in October of 2017 and the beginning of cooperation with the First channel (later her show “the Sweeney” has been suspended). For several years she has led the project “Revizorro”. The film crew invading on private property, e.g. restaurants, and explained that the provisions of the law “On mass media”, often met resistance from the administration of the institutions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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