Found a way to circumvent the protection of Windows


Photo: Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Employee SecurityByDefault, Yago Jesus (Yago Jesus) found a way to trick the built-in protection of Windows Defender. On simple principle, hacking, developed by specialist in cyber security, said the portal BleepingComputer.

The essence of a protection Defender is in the automated permit only authorized applications Windows. By default they are recorded by the device in the access list called Controlled Folder Access. To the rest of the system treated with suspicion and prohibits independent actions.

However, the expert claims that if desired, the attacker could put infected objects in the files, masquerading as a program Office. One example in the study of the expert is software overwriting protected files and deletes the originals. Thus any program, attackers may wish to alter in the malware.

However, in Microsoft the find was not appreciated: the company’s employees announced that they would not consider this a vulnerability caused by a design. The only thing that managed to achieve a specialist on cyber security — promises to fix the problem.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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