FSIN explained the release of life-sentenced dismantler


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Life convict Anwar Masalimov released from the colony “snowy owl” on the Yamal Peninsula, was released not on PAROLE, and in connection with the reclassification of a criminal case. This was reported on the website of the Federal service of execution of punishments.

Masalimov, was released from prison in 2012, said the office. In 2008, the decision of Belozersky district court of the Vologda region Masalimova changed the sentence from article 102 of the RSFSR criminal code (“aggravated Murder”) to article 103 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“murder”) at which the maximum punishment is 10 years imprisonment.

According to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, the sentence is ruled out the aggravating circumstances, in particular, committing a crime in a condition of alcoholic intoxication.

Anwar Masalimova was sentenced to death for murder in 1992, in 1998 this measure was commuted to life imprisonment.

Initially, he was serving his sentence in IK-5 UFSIN of the Vologda region, where several times appealed to the courts different courts to appeal for a mitigation of sentence. In 2012, Masalimov was transferred to the colony “snowy owl” on the Yamal Peninsula, and four years later released.

Just Masalimov committed two murders, the first he had served in the colony for 15 years. Freed, he killed and dismembered his sheltered by the pensioner, and then was arrested again.

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