In the US, the killer has become a sex slave in prison and profited from it


William CordobaФото: California’s San Quentin State Prison

A murderer serving a life sentence in a prison in the us state of California, was a victim of sexual harassment by one of the employees. Subsequently, he received compensation in the tens of thousands of dollars. The incident was reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

William Cordoba (Cordoba William) has filed a lawsuit against Sylvia Pulido (Pulido Silvia), who worked as a teacher in prison where he was serving a sentence for murder and robbery. According to the materials of the case, in 2010, he began to help her. After some time, the woman actually turned him into his sex slave. In return, she promised to help the convicted to find lawyers to get him out of jail.

In the case stated that the man eventually stopped communication with the officer of the prison, but she blamed him, accusing Cordoba in violation of internal prison discipline. Because of her complaints man for 9 months was sent to solitary confinement.

The prisoner filed a complaint against Pulido in 2012, saying that he needed psychiatric treatment after the incident. His lawyer said that “both women and men have the right to protection from sexual harassment, and nothing has changed from what the victim — perpetrator”.

After the incident, Pulido fired from work, and her lawyers declined to comment on the court decision. In January 2018, the court decided to pay to the victim 65 thousand dollars in compensation, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. It is noted that the offender continued to serve his sentence.

The representative of the Department of corrections declined to comment, adding that “seriously complaints of sexual harassment, discrimination and any other action endangering the safety of employees and inmates.”

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