In the US, the Sheriff regretted their cars and told to shoot the intruder


Photo: White county Sheriff’s Office

In the U.S. state of Tennessee, the Sheriff applied to the court for an order to shoot the infringer of rules of traffic so as not to mash the patrol car. The incident was reported by New York Daily News.

The incident occurred in April 2017, in the County of white. Then the police demanded the driver of the pickup, Michael Dale (Michael Dial) to stop the car because his driving license had expired, said in a lawsuit. The man disobeyed orders and the guards some time chasing him at speeds of around 80 kilometers per hour.

They decided to push the truck to the curb to stop it. At this time, the Sheriff oddie shoup (Oddie Shoupe) gave the order to open fire on Dale. Its decision he explained that he didn’t want to ruin it for official transport. “Finish with this jerk,” he added. The words were recorded on the wearable camera one of the police officers.

The Sheriff arrived at the scene after the driver was shot. Then on the camera also got his phrase “I Love this shit! I succeeded in this!”. Shoup also complained that because of the incident, two patrol cars were still broken.

Previously the district attorney already concluded that the actions of the patrol was justified. However, the widow of the late Robin Spainhoward (Robyn Spainhoward) filed a new lawsuit. “What the Sheriff shoup ordered to shoot without being on the spot to assess the situation, tells about his sanmarinese and sadistic tendencies”, — stated in the statement.

In an interview to News Channel 5 the woman explained that she did not understand why her husband didn’t stop and believes that he was just scared. According to her, the police could continue to haunt her husband until he had run out of gas, but not to kill.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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