Koreans will treat guests of the Olympiad dog


Photo: Kim Hong-Ji / Reuters

Restaurants South Korea’s Pyeongchang, which is the Olympics, refused to remove from the menu the dishes of dog meat. Despite requests from the authorities, caterers continue to treat them guests, Fox News reports.

Of the 12 institutions that serve dog meat, only two agreed to obey the government promised them compensation for material damage.

As the newspaper notes, officials of Pyeongchang has spent several million dollars to prepare the area for the Games. Activities included, for example, the translation of all menus and signs into foreign languages, as well as a strong recommendation to withdraw from the list of dishes dog meat.

The Olympic organizing Committee of 2018 have expressed concern about the use sobachatiny in South Korea. “This is a question that should be decided by the government. We hope that this will not affect the reputation of the Games and the province, and will support the work of local authorities as needed. In addition, dog meat will not be served in any venue of the Olympic games”, — said the organizers.

Use sobachatiny common in some Asian countries, including South Korea and China, where it is legal. In many other States, for example, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Singapore, to kill dogs for human consumption is prohibited.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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