McDonald’s will offer a Burger with diamonds


Photo: McDonald’s

Network of fast food “McDonald’s” was released in the Valentine’s Day ring made of gold with diamonds and sapphires in the shape of a hamburger a “big Mac”, according to Fashion Network.

The price of jewelry called Bling Mac in yellow gold is 12.5 thousand dollars. Surface “burgers” lined with cognac diamonds, grains of sesame imitate colorless diamonds, salad, ketchup and cheese depict colored sapphires. The representatives of “McDonald’s” offered to give a ring on the girl’s engagement at one of their establishments.

In February 2018, the Italian company Buccellati presented at the new Moscow boutique collection of engagement rings Romanza. The collection includes models named after literary and mythological characters: Beatrice (the divine Comedy of Dante), Titania (“a Midsummer night’s Dream” by Shakespeare), Antiope (the Queen of the Amazons from Greek myth), Guinevere (wife of the legendary king Arthur), Isolde (the main character of the novel knight of the XII century “Tristan and Isolde”) and others. Ring made of white gold with diamonds in typical Buccellati technique with engraving and chasing.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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