“Most stylish blogger” turned out to be a swindler


Dragos, Patrunjelu: Dragos Patrunjel page in Facebook

Fashion blogger from Swindon Patrunjel Dragos (Dragos Patrunjel) is accused of stealing designer clothes, reports the Daily Mail. According to lawyers of a young man for a crime he pushed how-to videos on YouTube explaining how to demagnetize security labels.

23-year-old Briton was caught when he tried to make outstanding sunglasses from Tesco. At a search in apartment where he resided, the police found a huge amount of design things that Patrunjel made from boutiques. The total value of the stolen clothing exceeded thousand pounds.

The court was able to prove seven precedents that the blogger will be punished. He was sentenced to 150 hours of compulsory community service, payments to the injured party and a fine (about 170 pounds). This is much less than the total value stolen: clothing 1,100 pounds from the boutique Hugo Boss, 300 — Tommy Hilfiger, 160 — from Calvin Klein, 130 — from H&M, 100 — Gant and 60 from Armani. All these products were returned to stores by law enforcement officials.

Blogger lawyers argue that his habit of style was developed in Italy, where guy grew up. In the absence of money he was looking for ways to update your wardrobe, not yet found on a popular video hosting manual how to remove magnetic protection of goods in shops. Apparatus for the elimination of the protection he bought on Internet auction site eBay. Obsessed with increasing his popularity in the network, Patrunjel went to numerous crimes.

Patrunjel became popular due to their photo in social networks and aphoristic statements about the style. “Haircut and a new pair of trousers can make you feel better than after a psychotherapy, because when you look in the mirror, you will see another person”, — he instructed his followers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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