On an Australian beach found a mysterious monster with no eyes


Photo: Sherry Simmons

A resident of Australia sherry Simmons (Sherry Simmons) found unidentified creature while walking on Mulambin beach (Queensland). About it reports The Daily Star.

Initially, the woman suggested that to her — a piece of petrified wood, but came closer, I realized that the find likely was once a living creature. Poking with a stick, she felt that the subject soft. Eye on the unidentified body is not found.

Specialists from the theme Park “Sea world” suggested that the creature might be a sea cow. However, experts from the County building Department Cleveland state insist that their colleagues are wrong. The second you see a monster in the liver of the shark, but are unable to prove their hypothesis due to the fact that the carcass at the stage of decomposition.

The police searched the beach after discovering the photographs of Simmons, but found nothing. Law enforcement officers believe that the creature had been washed away by the tide.

In December last year on the beach in the Australian city of EMU Park, Queensland, discovered the remains of a strange creature with a length of about five feet. Experts have suggested that the monster could be dead temopary gray shark.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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