Petersburgers scared the garbage growth rate 30 times


Photo: Maxim Bogodvid / RIA Novosti

The tariff for garbage removal in Saint-Petersburg could rise from 2.5 rubles to 65-70 rubles per person after the transition to the new system of waste management, writes “Fontanka”.

The city authorities are preparing to introduce a single garbage rate, which will include not only the cost of waste disposal, but also for their neutralization and disposal.

In addition, the tariff will take into account a payment for negative impact on the environment (environmental fee from the St Petersburg already in force), as well as VAT, as the regional operator is obliged to pay it. This is an additional 18 percent, said “Fontanka”.

Earn rates per occupant, “as the actual amount of wastes formed as a result of human activity”, said the Committee on tariffs of St. Petersburg. How to change the size of the fee, officials said.

The participants of the market believe that the rate will increase to 65-70 rubles. A single regional operator of waste management in St. Petersburg became the state unitary enterprise “Plant for mechanical recycling of household waste”. The company received a ten-year contract worth 80 billion rubles.

Until the end of 2018, all the subjects of the Russian Federation are required to move to a new system of work on waste management, as well as to organize activities in a single regional operator. According to “Fontanka”, in some cities, trash collection is valid from autumn 2017. In Magnitogorsk the tariff for a single operator amounted to 87.5 rubles, informed the garbage collection cost just over one ruble per square meter. In Ivanovo to the introduction of tax paid 3.3 the ruble, the new rate was 88 rubles.

Every year in Saint-Petersburg is formed of more than two million tons of waste.

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