Shell Elon Musk has fleeced unsuspecting users for thousands of dollars per night


Elon, MASCOTA: Mark Brake / Getty Images

Cyber criminals deceive users of social networks and earned five thousand dollars in the cryptocurrency. Contacting subscribers with fake pages of celebrities, they promised them wealth in exchange for a small fee. It is reported portal BleepingComputer.

Scammers have created Twitter accounts in the names of Elon musk, Warren Buffett, John McAfee, Vitaly (Vitaly) Baterina and other well-known millionaires and began to publish tweets which promised to distribute large sums of money. Special popular posts on behalf of the Mask, which at this time had launched a rocket, the Falcon Heavy.

“Thank you, Mr. President, I want to distribute 100 units of the ether of your subscribers, you just need to send 0.2 ether to the address listed below and get 2 in return,” the publication with a fake account elonnmuusk appeared in response to these tweets Donald trump and Elon musk.

The publication lasted a day and a few hours of unsuspecting users are sent the criminals more than five thousand dollars in the cryptocurrency. Experts on cybersecurity was surprised that the audience of the Internet still relies on the scammers, promising everyone a speedy enrichment with minimal investment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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