Star wars was criticized for the abundance of white men in the crew


George Lucas and Jeffrey Arsfoto: Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP

Franchise “Star wars” has been criticized by fans for the fact that most writers and Directors of the fantastic Saga were white men. About it reports NME.

The scandal erupted after the publication of the portal Variety articles Maureen Ryan. The journalist estimated that more than 40 years, Lucasfilm has hired 24 persons as Directors and screenwriters, and 23 of them were white males. The only woman who took part in creating the epic — Leigh Brackett, one of the writers of the fifth episode of “Star wars”, “Empire strikes back”. However, no one person, not related to the white race, among the Directors and writers was observed.

“I don’t understand what prevents the President of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy to hire some talented, hungry and skilled men and women not of the white race and white women, which too can come up with stories for Star wars,” said Ryan.

Many fans of the franchise protested on Twitter racial and gender discrimination at Lucasfilm and asked the filmmakers to draw to this problem attention. Others criticized the article and demanded from the journalist to find out how many women were trying to get into the crew of “Star wars”.

At the end of 2017, the Internet trolls have declared war on the eighth episode of “Star wars” because of the abundance of women and people of color in the film. They thought it was “a violent introduction to gender equality and racial diversity in the picture” and definitively eighth part.

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