Tattoo artist-murderer was caught on live bait


Photo: Valery Burnt

In the Urals have detained tattoo artist killer, deal with the employee of the shop “Pyaterochka”, the mother of two children. About it “” said the head of research Affairs in Sverdlovsk region Valery Burnt.

The naked body of a murdered woman named Mary found in November last year in the village of Beloyarskiy district. Disappeared from the house phone and gold jewelry. Investigators found that before the death she was seen with a friend, a male tattoo artist — in the house the pair came together, but the guest had already entered one.

Killing new friend, the tattoo artist began to hide from the police: at first hid in Yekaterinburg, then in Perm, then in Moscow, in Sochi and Krasnodar. Around the country he moved through the service BlaBlaCar, and to feed themselves, have committed burglary and fraud.

“He would send girls who want to decorate the body with tattoos, in the shower, explaining that the skin needs to be clean. And yet they were washed, stole their most valuable personal belongings”, — said the Fire.

Catch tattoo artist, the murderer, the police decided to bait: they have filed online ad about wanting to make a drawing on the body. So they were able to calculate the location of the offender, and then to apprehend him.

“The attacker, suspecting something was wrong, the whole night hiding from investigators in the private sector in his socks and underwear, in the vain hope that were in the ambush of the security forces will hand over nerves. In Ekaterinburg a suspect in the murder of a citizen was transferred by plane. He is currently resting on Sredneuralsky known resort called jail-1”, — said Valery Burnt.

February 6 in Moscow detained a citizen of Turkey, a suspect in a series of attacks on women in skirts. He was stunned victims with a blow to the head, tearing the tights with shorts and hid their underwear.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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