The Christians appreciated the sex with robots


Photo: Telegram-channel “solar storm»

Newspaper “Living faith” has published an article with the title “It is normal for Christians to have sex with a robot?”which explained why you should abstain from sexual intercourse with machines. The publication drew the attention of the Telegram-channel “solar storm”.

The note starts with the statistics: “For starters, 70 percent of the people are not averse to have sex with a robot, voiced in its report, the Foundation of responsible robotics.”

Researchers on the ethics of Canada’s University of Manitoba found that “lover robot” can have both positive and negative impact on society, the publication reports. Thus, the synthetic partner will be useful to those suffering from sexual trauma. However, the expansion of robots in sex life can “put an end to human proximity and foster the vices, sexual violence and prostitution,” warns “Living faith.”

The article notes that not a single religious leader commented on the news about the sex robots. The material only responded to the Salvation Army, called on Christians to refrain from sex with robots because it is “contrary to God’s plan for sex”.

“It addresses a real need in close proximity and devalues sex, — quotes the Salvation Army newspaper. — In addition, the commercialisation of sex contributes to the devaluation of women and children that will lead to the growth of trafficking and prostitution”.

Extended version of the article with the same title is contained on the Christian website “In the light”. The online recalls portal with news on religion, World Religion News and the newspaper the Christian Post.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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