The police arrested the culprit with a clumsy drawing


Photo: Lancaster City Police

Police in the us state of Pennsylvania were able to identify a suspect in the theft after one of the witnesses drew a funny portrait. Reported by the New York Post.

The robbery was committed on one of the markets of Lancaster, but what’s missing is not specified. We only know that one of the men reported the incident to the police, and then drew a portrait of the alleged offender.

According to him, the man was Asian or Latino, an increase of about 160 centimeters, in appearance, 30-40 years. The description came 44-year-old Phuoc Nguyen hunt (Hunt Phuoc Nguyen). Subsequently, the author of the sketch identified his picture. The man has dark hair and wide cheekbones. The guards already got a warrant for his arrest.

According to the publication, users of social networks made fun of drawing. One of them suggested that the singer Jason Mraz. “This guy looks like my roommate,” wrote the second.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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