The Senator from Sevastopol wanted to bring order to the Prosecutor’s office


Valery Kulikov Photo:

Member of the Federation Council of Sevastopol Valery Kulikov said about the need to revise the system of work of city Prosecutor’s office. He did not exclude that will prepare the appeal to the Prosecutor General on the matter, reports “FederalPress” on Thursday, February 8.

“I think that you need to look at the work of the Prosecutor’s office of Sevastopol in protecting the interests of the city in the sphere of land property relations, selectivity in the use of the courts. Time to restore order,” — said Kulikov.

He reminded that President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a press conference at the end of 2017, spoke about the benefits of rotating managerial personnel in law enforcement in the same way as in the army. “I think that in respect of the Prosecutor’s office of Sevastopol, the courts and a number of state enterprises and organizations, this practice will be useful and will improve the situation in the city, to infuse fresh strength to work for the benefit of citizens”, — said the Senator.

On 7 February about the need to rotate personnel in the Prosecutor’s office and judicial system of Sevastopol said the other Senator from Olga Timofeeva.

In late January, the authorities of Sevastopol sued the city Prosecutor Igor Shevchenko to the sea size of ten acres. The Prosecutor’s office filed a lawsuit to the government to terminate the contract with the law firm “Protection” accompanying the trials. Governor Dmitry Ovsyannikov thought it was a sign of corruption and promised to appeal to Russia’s Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General.

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