The thief complained about the theft of stolen


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In the American city of Spokane valley, Washington, the thief complained to the police for stealing his prey. It is reported by KHQ-Q6.

46-year-old Jason Chant (Jason Tschanz) has contacted law enforcement and stated that a neighbor had entered his apartment and stole things that he hadn’t acquired from her boyfriend.

Sheriff’s deputies went to the woman and listened to her version of what happened. She told me that she left the house for a few hours, and after returning noticed all the TV, Xbox and games.

A couple of weeks ago Cant already tried to get into her apartment, so suspicion fell on him. Chanza’s weren’t home, but his daughter confirmed that morning my father from somewhere brought a TV and Xbox. A neighbor took my TV and returned it to his apartment.

Canc rejected the accusations and assured the guard that the neighbors he sold his TV, Xbox and other stuff for $ 100. TV, he said, claimed the neighbor, and Xbox, he managed to resell for $ 25.

The Deputy contacted the neighbor, who by that time was in prison for another crime, and confirmed the validity of the woman. After questioning Chants confessed to the theft. He was charged with illegal entry into premises, theft in the third degree and disorderly conduct.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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