The United States has issued a manned spacecraft Orion


Photo: NASA

Lockheed Martin in September of 2018 completed the Assembly of a manned spacecraft, the Orion, reported TASS the press service of the American Corporation Gary Napier.

Currently, the Assembly plant NASA, located near New Orleans in Louisiana is welding the seven major component parts of the capsule.

“Welding of the sealed capsule design will be completed in September 2018, after which she will be sent to the Space centre of a name of John Kennedy [Canaveral, Florida],” said Napier.

The spacecraft designed for manned missions, is the second instance of Orion. The first device, which Assembly is currently being completed in Florida, not intended for manned missions. This model is created to test the technologies, in contrast, the second sample is 30 percent lighter.

Orion unmanned for the first time circled around the Earth in 2014. Then, during the test run, carried out a heavy Delta IV rocket, the spacecraft departed from the planet at a distance of 5.8 thousand kilometers and crossed the radiation belt. Following the launches of Orion unmanned assume (in 2019) and manned (in 2021-m) flyby of the moon.

To the Earth, the spacecraft must display a super-heavy booster SLS (Space Launch System), which has almost completed the Boeing company. On low reference orbit, the rocket is able to output from 70 to 130 tons of payload. A bunch of SLS and Orion is for deep space flight, in particular, to the moon, asteroids and Mars.

Also in the US, developed manned spacecraft to fly into low earth orbit (does not include radiation protection and launched a heavy carrier), in particular, to the ISS. The first unmanned flight spacecraft Dragon 2 (created SpaceX) and Cockpit (developed by Boeing) shall be made in 2018.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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