American flew from the roof riding on a homemade rocket



An American resident of the city of Willmar, Minnesota, was injured after trying to take off in a homemade rocket. It is reported by CBS.

The man has built a self-propelled sled from ski, bike frame and exhaust pipe from the motorcycle. It was assumed that they will be driven by a jet thrust. As fuel used antifreeze Heet.

For tests 40-year-old inventor pulled his creation on the roof of the house, sat on it and started the engine. The sleigh slid off the roof, flew four meters, crashed into the fence and fell into the snow.

According to the newspaper West Central Tribune, the emergency services found the man on a garage track. He rolled it on the sled, starting from the ground down, screaming in pain and swearing.

In 2017, it was reported that the California resident was not allowed to take off in a homemade rocket to test the theory of a flat Earth.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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