British lesbian pretending to be a guy and seduce Schoolgirls


Jordan, Davidsonville: North Wales Police

In the UK the court sentenced a 20-year resident of North Wales to 2.5 years of imprisonment for sexual abuse of two Schoolgirls. Reported by the Daily Post.

It is reported that Jordan Davidson (Davidson Jordana) was a guy to attract girls. She contacted them via Facebook. According to the prosecution, the criminal was almost 19 years old when she seduced a 13-year-old schoolgirl. However, this was not the first offense: in the 15-16 years she molested the other victim, whose age was not given.

Davidson is forbidden to approach the victims for five years. She also imposed a lifetime injunction, aimed at protecting people from sexual aggression on her part. Judge rice Rowlands (Rhys Rowlands) said that the behavior of the girl was “controlling and obsessive”. Relatives of one of the victims tried to stop contact with the offender.

By law, such information in the case can prohibit the convicted person to contact with children under the age of 18, appearing next to children’s institutions and schools. What specific orders were issued to Davidson, is not specified.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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