Daring stealing hundreds of condoms have got on camera


Frame: CCTV camera

In the Czech Republic a couple of unidentified men robbed the supermarket, brought condoms and lubricants to 15.5 thousand kroons (45 thousand rubles). About it reports the local edition of Vinegret.

The incident occurred in the Czech town of Hradec králové. Unknown girl and guy laid down their prey in a sports bag and left the store, bypassing the checkout. Currently, the police are looking for intruders. The theft caught on CCTV camera. It is seen that the suspect looks about 25 years old, and the girl has red hair.

According to the newspaper, the unknown had managed to take 139 of condoms, and 21 intimate packing with grease.

In September last year by a surveillance camera got a failed stealing a Dildo from a sex shop in the Colombian city of Cali. Two women tried to sneak out goods from the store, but was caught and lost his sex toys.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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