Disclosed the fate of running into space cars Elon musk


Photo: SpaceX / AP

The Tesla Roadster, which was launched into space on a rocket, the Falcon Heavy, will be destroyed as a result of collisions with micrometeorites and space radiation exposure. It is reported by AutoBlog.

According to experts, all the organic materials used for the manufacture of various machine parts in space would be susceptible to degradation due to hard radiation. Solar ultraviolet radiation contributes to the destruction of carbon-carbon bonds, and covalent bonds between carbon and hydrogen.

Suffer the frame of the car from carbon fiber, and, finally, the Tesla Roadster will fall apart. According to experts, it will occur during the year.

More durable will be inorganic components such as aluminum chassis, lithium-ion battery and windshield. However, these details can suffer because of the impact such cosmic bodies as small meteorites or pieces of comets.

6 Feb Rasah launched the Tesla Roadster with driver-the dummy behind the wheel. The machine performs the role of the payload on the carrier rocket Falcon Heavy, which SpaceX called the world’s most powerful rocket. Elon Musk has admitted that he did it “for fun, because when you are testing a new missile, the engineers put something really boring on Board, for example, a block of concrete, or a piece of steel, or something like that”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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