Fans of cryptocurrency are advised to see a psychiatrist


Photo: Christinne Muschi / Reuters

Lost money on investments in cryptocurrency advised to seek professional therapeutic help to avoid post-traumatic stress disorder. About this Agency city news “Moscow” said the chief psychiatrist of Ministry of health Zurab Kekelidze.

“Of course, they are not left without help. In some cases there need psychological assistance, but I think that in most cases there is need of psychotherapeutic assistance, that is medical. Because this is an acute stress response, and then, unfortunately will develop PTSD, meaning the psychological trauma,” — said the doctor. Kekelidze urged victims to go to the doctors to protect their own health and it is easier to survive such a powerful stress.

The real facts treatment of captainvalor to the doctors in the Ministry of health has not yet recorded. Thursday, February 8, it became known that the company is Blockchain Fund launched a hotline to help investors who have fallen behind on investing in cryptocurrencies. Investors offered psychological assistance.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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