Naive note in the Russian entrance touched the users of the network


Photo: Pikabu

Portal users Pikabu touched the girls note with a request not to steal her skis, left in the entrance. The owner of the ski by the name she had forgotten house keys and decided to go back to grandma’s. Shell girl left the apartment, just in case with the note.

«Not touch! I forgot the keys))) Go to grandma’s. Back soon! Please do not take,” wrote the girl on a piece of paper. A photograph of the note was published by her neighbor. He noted that he had followed the girl’s request and to take the skis did not.

The visitors brought a record to the top of the resource, leaving it under hundreds of comments. “Jealous of the girl, while she believes in honesty and kindness,” said the user with the nickname dimanger.

Users say that the girl was lucky with the entrance. “Nice entrance you have my last work is not what is on the table nothing could not leave that shit in the paper leave, and dragged”, — complains the user kvosh.

Some began to criticize the neighbor for inadequate care: “since the daughter of a neighbour and you know them. Would be better if they took it away and later returned, you may be honest, but for the others sure can’t.” “It is written — not to touch” — making fun of others. However, the author of the post got in touch and explained that it did so, removing the skis combined with the neighbors dressing room under lock and key.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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