Revealed the biggest sex scandal in the British government


Photo: Simon Dawson / Reuters

One in five people working in the British Parliament, at least once in the past year had experienced sexual harassment. This is stated in the report at the disposal of The Independent before publication.

It is noted that the survey was attended by 1377 members of Parliament, the results showed that 39 percent of respondents are subjected to constant bullying and sexual harassment.

Women working in Westminster two times more often than men, are victims of harassment. In some cases they confessed that they not only fingered, and raped.

According to the authors of the report, irrespective of what measures will be taken according to the results, it is important though that now the employees of the Parliament will feel that they can talk about what happened to them, without risking to lose my job.

On 1 November last year, defence Minister Michael Fallon has left his post after accusations of harassment against the journalist. A few days from work in the British Parliament because of the suspicion of sexual harassment suspended the MP from the labour party Kelvin Hopkins. 27-year-old Ava Atemajac (Ava Etemadzadeh) reported that 76-year-old politician was sent to her on the phone “indecent messages”. In particular, the man called her “attractive” and “beautiful young woman”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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