Thai won the lottery millions, lost the ticket and died


Photo: @AsiaWire

A resident of Thailand Jirawat Pongpan (Jirawut Pongphan) was found dead in his apartment some time after he won the lottery baht 42 million (76 million). About it reports The Mirror.

With him was a note in which he apologized to the family for the suicide.

Before Pongpan invited relatives and friends to his house to celebrate the win. The next day he found the lottery ticket lost. Without him to pick up the money he couldn’t.

According to The Mirror, the man fell into a deep depression and stopped going to work. What happened to the winning ticket and the police are investigating whether the possible kidnapping was not reported.

In early February, the American won $ 560 million in the Powerball lottery, but refused to give their details to receive the prize, since it scared the criminals. She decided in court to defend the right to take the money and remain anonymous.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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