The French planned to execute a rat on a guillotine


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In the suburbs of Paris began testing a miniature guillotine for rats. On it informs edition The Local.

The unit is installed in the pipes, which move animals. When the motion sensors and heat notice the approach of the rodent guillotine is triggered and stabs him in the spine. “The rat is almost not affected,” — says one of the developers.

Miniature guillotines are already experiencing in the Paris suburb of Aubervilliers, where rats are particularly a lot. For a month, they destroyed 45 rodents. The local authorities are satisfied with the initial results of the experiment. If the device continues to show the same efficiency to the end of March, it will be implemented in other districts of Paris.

Video: Le Parisien

In January it was reported that due to the floods in Paris, the rats were more likely to catch the eye of the citizens. One of the Paris scavengers took video of the tank is infested with rodents, and told reporters about the attack of rats on his colleagues.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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