The guy from the meme about nerds participated in the launch of the Falcon Heavy


Photo: YouTube

The network found that one of the young men of the meme “party nerds” is an employee of SpaceX, and took part in the launch of the Falcon Heavy. This writes the Business Insider.

Original the with four seniors at the table were made during the Olympic games on programming in 1997, in the Polish city of zwardoń. Second from left young man — Seagull Tomek (Tomek Czajka), which is currently engaged in software development at SpaceX. He has participated in developing the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy.

After school he studied at the faculty of mathematics, Informatics and mechanics of Warsaw University and at Purdue University in the us city of West Lafayette, Indiana. During training he participated in various Championships in programming, including those organized by Microsoft. Some time he worked at Google until I moved to Elon musk.

Tommy lives in Redondo beach, California, and is the pride of the Polish IT industry. So, after the launch of the Falcon Heavy on the website of the Polish community of programmers Tomek personally congratulated on the success of SpaceX and listed his other achievements.

SpaceX is the first in the world over the past 30 years has developed and launched 6 Feb superheavy carrier. The cost of launching the Falcon Heavy, in the maximum configuration capable of output to low-earth orbit to 63.8 tons of cargo, starts with $ 90 million.

In 2018 planned two launches of the Falcon Heavy, the rocket has put into orbit the telecommunications satellite for the customer from Saudi Arabia and spacecraft in the interests of the Pentagon. Earlier, the us military has repeatedly stated its interest in Falcon Heavy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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