The plastic surgeon has evaluated new look Rodchenkova


Gregory Rodchenkova: @60Minutes / Twitter

Plastic surgeon Alex Iskornev compared the photos of the informant world anti-doping Agency (WADA) Gregory Rodchenkov “before” and “after” changes in appearance. The opinion of a specialist radio station “Moscow Says”.

“Just slightly adjusted the contours of the lower third. But the traces of plastic surgery is always possible to miss. Perform the operation below on examination she was not disclosed, it is impossible. Always some scarring there, just need to know where to look,” concluded the doctor.

Also Iskornev listed what procedure could be performed in the case that Rodchenkov really ventured into plastic surgery. In particular, he noted that the changing shape of the chin of the informant could be done nutritoin way with the use of special gels.

We will remind that earlier in the announcement of the Sunday edition of “60 minutes” on CBS News there were shots and Rodchenkova a new look. As stated in the video, the informant WADA went on reincarnation for security purposes.

In 2016 fled to the United States Rodchenkov was the informant WADA. Passed them information formed the basis of the investigation against the use of Russian athletes banned drugs at the Olympics in Sochi. One of the consequences was the decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to suspend the Russian team from participation in the Olympics in Phenchhane. Athletes who were not associated with a doping scandal, was allowed to participate in Games as “Olympic athletes of Russia”.

The opening of the XXIII Olympic games took place on 9 February. The competition will last until February 25.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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