The rural teacher will be punished for a mate in the poems of Mayakovsky


Vladimir Makovskeho: Nikolai Petrov / RIA Novosti

In Primorsky Krai, the girl read the lesson of literature obscene poem of Vladimir Mayakovsky, told RIA Novosti in the Department of education Olginsky district.

Blame the officials assigned to the teacher. “She’s not young — 53 years to be lost in such a situation? The teacher should set the tone for the lesson. Today there will be a parent meeting. About fired teachers or not is difficult to say is still checked”, — said the head of the Department Elena Maltseva.

The reason for testing was published in network video performances schoolgirl, shot by one of her classmates.

According to Maltseva, the heroine of this movie a few years under the tutelage of the Director of the school, previously she lived in an orphanage.

“The girl is an adult and at that age had to realize what was happening, the official added. I don’t know what motivated the girl — or the desire of popularity, or she wasn’t thinking about the consequences. She boasted that the teacher allows her to read the verse and doesn’t stop, though I expect that it will break”.

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Now the student will attend a psychologist, her behavior will be the subject of consideration for the Commission on Affairs of minors.

The girl argued with her friends that read obscene poem in the lesson and she won’t get in, reports the Telegram-channel Mash. In the end, she got a ” C ” for a bad reading.

Earlier, in December last year, it was reported about the teacher from Chita, who accidentally sent a message with swearing in the student chat and was dismissed. The teacher disagreed with the administration’s decision and challenged it in court, but the claim was rejected.

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