The Russians paid the tax with the Commission 2500 percent


Photo: Alexander Suslova page in Facebook

A resident of the Altai territory Alexander Saslow owed a tax of one penny and paid the extra 25 rubles to repay the debt. About this he wrote in his Facebook.

According to the man, he received an order of the bailiff stating that he owe the IRS a single penny for what is unknown. For the delay of five days he will have to pay a thousand rubles fine, and then five thousand. Saslow noted that his son sent the same paper with a duty of one penny, and his colleague in 32 kopecks.

The man assumed it was a new way to tax to fill the budget. “Assume that the amount is not important, the main thing that there was a debt. Then they do the Executive producing and directed the bailiffs. A normal person who received the decision and seeing a debt of one penny, of course, takes it as a joke and throws a piece of paper. So my son did and so did a colleague at work. And then they got”, — he wrote.

Suslov decided to repay the debt immediately and in cash. He went to the nearest store to exchange 50 rubles, but in the offices of penny was not — according to sellers, these coins have long been one of them had seen. In the end, they gave him five cents, to which the man went to the court bailiffs. There’s the money he refused to take because “no surrender and, generally, cash to take banned”. Then the man went to the Bank to pay card. For the translation of a single penny with him took a minimal fee of 25 rubles.

From the bailiffs Saslow learned that similar letters with a penny debt has received about 100 people in the future will be mass mailing. “After March 18, wait for new stories, more ambitious and more delicious!”he wrote at the end of your post.

As reported by the portal Altapress in the regional office on such a small debt is a penalty for late payment of tax or insurance premium. Also it could be the duty to pension and other social Fund.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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