The special forces came for Saakashvili and overawed by the guards


Michael Saakashvilithe: Valentin Ogirenko / Reuters

Detachment “alpha” of security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has arrived in Kyiv at Fairmont for the former Governor of the Odessa region and the leader of the party “movement of new forces” (“new forces”) Mikheil Saakashvili but was unable to detain him. About it writes the edition “Strenia” on Friday, February 9.

About the appearance of the commandos in the hotel said the policy associate David Sakvarelidze. Later this information was confirmed by MP Yuriy Derevyanko. They both denied the words of another people’s Deputy Igor Lutsenko that Saakashvili was arrested. “He [Saakashvili] in the hotel upstairs, it threatens nothing”, — Derevyanko told. A denial also came from the SBU.

Supporters of the policy argue that Fairmont arrived 15 commandos, but they are simply not allowed. In the end they had to leave.

Press-Secretary Saakashvili Mariana Pochtar said that the SBU are in the hotel building, we stayed there for a while and left. She did not specify how many there were, but said that the commandos were machines. “Now the residences are in the form of people, dogs and Saakashvili’s supporters who gather in [his] support,” said Pachter.

January 5 Saakashvili of Georgia was found guilty of abuse of power at the head of the state and sentenced in absentia to three years imprisonment. In the end of December, the District administrative court of Kiev refused to ban the extradition policy. In turn, Saakashvili is deprived of the citizenship of Ukraine, in November 2017, has stated that it is in the country legally and can provide the relevant document from the migration service.

In addition, Ukrainian law enforcement agencies suspect the policy in the organization of protest actions on the money of the associates of the former President Viktor Yanukovych. On December 8 last year he was arrested for a coup attempt, but three days later the Pechora court of Kyiv released him from custody. The Prosecutor General’s office appealed this decision. In the end, January 26, Saakashvili appointed house arrest at the time from 22:00 to 07:00.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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