Ukraine has found an explanation for failing to join NATO


Photo: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Ukraine cannot join NATO, because it lags behind in some civilian settings. About this on air of the TV channel NewsOne said the former defense Minister Anatoly Gritsenko.

“In order to join NATO, you have, in simple words, to pass the exams. These exams mainly civil Affairs. These are questions of fair trial, normal elections, transparency of the budget Finance, corruption and so on. Here are all these civic things we lag behind” — he explained.

The ex-Minister praised the Ukrainian army. “If estimated willingness to join in the parameters of the army — we have long been there. The Ukrainian army respected, regardless of what the relationship was with the President. Was a difficult period during [Leonid] Kuchma, [Viktor] Yanukovych, but military cooperation was constructive and ascending: interoperability, readiness for common action, exchange, joint exercises and military operations. Ukraine has participated in all NATO’s military operations in Europe, Africa and Asia,” he said.

In September 2017, the special representative of the US state Department on Ukraine Kurt Volker said that the country was not ready to join NATO. Georgia, said Walker, the chance to join the North Atlantic Alliance is much more: “I mean the transparency, the contribution Georgia has made to global security, reforms in the defense sphere, the fight against corruption and so on, but I do not think that today someone will say to NATO that we are ready to accept Georgia”.

In the same month, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the historical vocation of the country is to become the Eastern frontier of European civilization. According to him, Kiev will move to full membership in EU and NATO.

Poroshenko at the beginning of last year confirmed his intention to hold the country’s referendum on joining the North Atlantic Alliance. In December 2015, he called for membership in the European Union and NATO the main goal of Kiev.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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