Weinstein threatened Salma Hayek broken knees and death


Salma Hiekat: the movie “Ask the dust»

Mexican-American actress Salma Hayek said that producer Harvey Weinstein threatened to break her kneecaps. She stated TV presenter Oprah Winfrey on her podcast SuperSoul Conversations, reports NME.

The incident occurred on the set of the 2002 movie “Frida”, dedicated to the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Hayek played in the film the main role, directed by Julie Taymor.

The actress admitted that Weinstein directly told her he wants to kill her. It was not the only threat, “He told Julie Taymor: “I will break this ***** [bitch] patella””.

In December 2017, Hayek was already a Hollywood producer accused of sexual harassment during the shooting of “Frida”. According to her, Weinstein offered her to take a joint shower, make each other massages and have sex. In addition, he allegedly demanded the actress to star in a sex scene with another woman.

51-year-old Salma Hayek also starred in the films “Desperado,” “Dogma,” “From dusk till dawn”, “Prophet” and “Bandidas.”

In October 2017, several dozen women have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment and rape, among them Cara Delevingne, Lea seydoux and Angelina Jolie. On the background of this scandal in Hollywood EN masse talking about other similar cases.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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