Defined shot down Israeli fighter weapons


Photo: Stringer Iran / Reuters

Strikes by Israeli aircraft, who were involved in the raids on military targets in Syria, was conducted from is antiaircraft-rocket complexes of the Soviet and Russian-made s-200 and Buk. This was announced by the representative of Army of defense of Israel Yonatan Conicus, reports RIA Novosti.

The journalists ‘ questions about who opened fire on the aircraft, Conicus said that it was the air defense batteries to the Syrian government forces. The Colonel did not comment on the question, did Israeli military emergency channel with Russia, established in 2015, to avoid accidental collisions during the operations in Syria.

Earlier, on 10 February it was reported that the Syrian air defense system shot down several aircraft of the Israeli air force after they launched air strikes on military targets in the country. In a press-service of the Israeli army spoke about the crash of one F-16 aircraft participated in the air RAID, which was accompanied by massive anti-aircraft fire from the ground.

In the night of Saturday, the Israeli military intercepted an Iranian drone aircraft that violated the country’s airspace from Syria. After that, Israeli aircraft struck “the Iranian targets” in neighboring countries.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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