In Amsterdam, tourists were forbidden to watch for prostitutes


Photo: Peter Dejong / AP Photo

The municipality of Amsterdam has issued issued a decree toughening the conditions of visiting the red light district for tour groups. This was reported on the official portal of the city authorities.

From April 2018 to groups of more than five people will have to get at city hall for special permission to visit the workers in the sex industry. In addition, in the quarter of the tourists are forbidden to consume alcohol and drugs. But the most important change is that they will not be allowed to see prostitutes in the Windows — the guide should be to make sure that his group stood with his back to the girls.

In addition, the official ban on photography in the quarter. Excursions should be quiet and end in 23 hours. Before the tour guide will ask the tourists to respect local residents, businesses and prostitutes.

Responsibility for compliance with the rules laid on the guides, and in the case of violations independent guide fined 190 euros for accredited guides from travel companies, the penalty will be EUR 950. After three violations, the guide will lose their license.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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