MOE predicted the most likely scenarios for war with Russia


Photo: Igor Onuchin / RIA Novosti

The most likely scenario of possible military conflict with Russia could be the use of modern weapons, primarily high-precision weapons, and actions of subversive groups. This is stated in the published scientific and methodological work of EMERCOM of Russia, reports RIA Novosti.

According to calculations departments in a modern war the main targets are control points, information centres, critical infrastructure, and public infrastructure. In this connection it is necessary to develop and implement plans for the evacuation of the population from areas of exposure to secondary damaging factors of radiation and chemical contamination, catastrophic flooding, fires. The mass evacuation of citizens is an outdated practice, say rescuers.

In the MOE also said it is unlikely the use of enemy weapons of mass destruction, primarily nuclear, at the territory of Russia.

12 January in the American media was a project of the nuclear policy Review of the United States. It proposes to modernize the nuclear triad, including strategic aviation, Intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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